RARIFIED LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT is a film production and development company that allows creative artists and business customers to merge their talents together, thus creating the corporate videos, demos, web pages, and other media applications for the desired target audience.  Our digital solutions offer unparalleled value through our business design, be it film, actor demo reels, webisodes or the multitude of growing digital technologies, which efficiently enlarges our client's proposed vision and marketing opportunities.  Rarified Light Entertainment is Enlightening Multimedia.

       With Writer / Director Kevin Dean Anthony at the helm,  RARIFIED LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT has developed a reputation for uncompromising quality and detail, by focusing on providing what businesses need in today's very competitive entertainment industry.  At RARIFIED LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT, we believe our success is dependent on helping and assuring that our clients maintain their success, and reach their desired goals in both marketing and production.  This ongoing commitment to the specific marketing needs of our clients, along with our strategic business alliances and expertise, has forged a standard of client satisfaction that we are proud of.